Encephalitis: The Cone of Uncertainty

While we’re on the topic of hurricanes in the “cone of uncertainty,” let’s talk about how encephalitis (swelling of the brain) mimics this uncertainty. The unexpected will happen – we’ve been watching Dorian, and he’s quite the beast of destruction while moving at a snail’s pace, making everyone wonder if Dorian will strike them. Encephalitis? […]

Home for the Holidays: Revisiting What Was Before Encephalitis

Nostalgia can be so heart warming. When I suck in a deep breath and close my eyes, I can clearly smell the abundance of foods prepared by grandparents and family during the holidays. I see the vintage bubble lights on their Christmas tree, the colors mesmerizing to a child. I hear dishes clanging in preparation […]

12 life-changing letters: encephalitis

Encephalitis. What a mouthful of a word. Ever heard of it? I hadn’t heard of this 12-letter word until 6 years ago. When the doctor said it, I kinda shrugged, thinking “thank God it wasn’t a stroke.” His expression changed as he explained that encephalitis is a form of brain injury, quite similar to a […]

What Is “Recovery” from Encephalitis?

When death stared me in the eyes 8 years ago this week, I never contemplated survival from encephalitis. I fast forwarded to milestones I assumed I’d miss … my son’s graduation, his career, his choice in who he’d marry. Being with my family during holidays. Traveling to new countries. Retiring. If I were to survive, […]

What Success Looks Like Post Encephalitis

Success? Hmmm. Are we measuring in miles or inches? In the interactions I’ve had with hundreds of survivors, success looks different from person to person even though survival looks similar. Regardless of how we acquired encephalitis … West Nile, auto-immune disorder, Herpes, Lyme’s, etc. the outcomes are similar. Memory loss, extreme fatigue, speech disorders and […]