The Power of Meeting Fellow Encephalitis Survivors

When I found the Encephalitis Global group on, I couldn’t believe the posts I read from fellow survivors and caregivers. It was as if they were reading my mind. If you haven’t connected with others affected by this cruel illness, I urge you to reach out. I can’t emphasize enough the healing aspect of interacting with others who truly “get it.” Who experience similar health and emotional issues.

Encephalitis and the residuals of West Nile can be quite isolating. I’ve discovered that by connecting with others, we gain power as we overcome some of the often invisible residuals. Empower yourself by taking that brave step to connect with others.

If you’re able to join EGlobal’s March event, I encourage this powerful experience of expanding your personal network to include those who can make your journey more manageable. And even funny … yes, we find humor in the face of challenges. But we’ll be the first to anticipate that tear with a tissue when you bottom out. As we all do.

For those in the Dallas, TX area, we have a group that meets quarterly at no cost. Sometimes we are only a handful of 6 of us and other times as large as 25. If you’re touched by this illness and looking for guidance, support or just the acknowledgement that comes from meeting others, please join us. My encephalitis connections are like family to me now. I’m honored to be part of this unique circle.

Nov. 22 Dallas-Area West Nile and Encephalitis Gathering …
Who: Survivors and caregivers of any form of encephalitis (WNV, HSE, auto-immune, etc.)
When: Nov. 22, 2014 2pm – 4:30pm CST
Where: Lifepoint Church 4501 Hedgcoxe Rd, Plano, TX 75024 (north entrance)
What: Casual setting to share coping mechanisms, meds that work, tests or treatments that help, vent a little if needed, share a funny story, etc.

Topics will vary including rehabilitation, facing friends/family unfamiliar with our illness, referrals and cognitive treatments. Tell us what you want to talk about and we’ll address it! See for additional information.

Other: Free; childcare not provided; open to anyone affected by this topic, drinks/light snacks provided, not a Lifepoint-sponsored event


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